George (Georgina) Adams

Modern embrace who understands that her usefulness ends when she stops being to adapt


Georgina – what a spiteful couple her parents were to have named her so.  She would have been less irate if her parents had bestowed equally tawdry names to her brother and sisters, then it could have been discounted as eccentricity.  The reality was that Jennifer, Brian and Stephanie were all delightfully normal given names.  George had added this grievance to the not negligible list that she had been compiling since the third grade.  This was to be sole form in which these thoughts would be fully expressed, as the household did not abide any form conflict.   Unshed tears and muted screams were a poor proxy for years of catharsis gone unachieved.

All humour related to men in yellow hats aside, George had been a terribly inquisitive child and had driven many an adult and sibling to distraction with her ceaseless inquiries and investigations.  How long can a goldfish be out of water and survive? (never above 390 seconds) What is the highest branch from the apple tree that can be jumped without injury? (the fifth lowest- the sixth highest leads to wrist fractures).   

She turned out to be a positive nuisance early in adolescence, wantonly questioning every concept and every rationale until even the most hardened of matron at Briarcrest Academy only acknowledged her raised hand if it was to answer to a question.  George’s participation in classes soon became her staring listlessly out of a window for hours on end, awaiting the final bell’s toll, which would signal her release. 

The opportunity to head out into the streets and learn what she could from the pulse of her city, like a medical professional assessing a patient’s health, was infinitely more appealing to her than going to college like her peas in a pod, might as well have been each other’s clones siblings.

 To be continued…

George (Georgina) Adams

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